Weekly Recap 10/28/12

This week marked the first week I have had a “mother’s helper.” Bean’s piano teacher has a college student as an assistant teacher, and she (the college student) is going to come up to my house 2x per wk for two hours at a time for the sole purpose of occupying Bug and the baby. That leaves me free to either do art/history/science projects with Bean or to *gasp* clean my house!

Both littles took to her immediately. Which is saying something as Bug is generally very frosty towards new people. But she has found someone who will read book after book to her, color, do puzzles, or play with toys. The baby has been generally tagging along, though I’ve noticed he’ll grab a book, back up into her lap, then plop down.

Math – Lessons 54-56 completed. Two of these lessons are multi-day lessons, and all focused on clocks. We’re finally moving on from hours/half-hours to time in 5-minute increments. Bean is having a bit of trouble with this. She can get it if she thinks about it, but her initial reaction to something that makes her think is to bonk her forehead on the table and whine that it’s too hard.


Mouse Tales
Mouse Soup (in progress)
Look Inside a Beaver’s Lodge

Current Read Aloud – Half Magic and Mary Poppins

OPTGR -Lessons 177-184 completed. Lessons this week seem to correspond to what is covered in ETC4. I love how complimentary these programs are of each other. We start ETC4 in January, so she’ll have a better  foundation than when we attempted it last year.

ETC – Lesson 8 completed. We covered “ea” words (think “head” and “eat”). Bean had trouble with these sounds when we covered them in OPTGR (lessons 90, 91, 125, 126). I have those lessons written down on an index card so we can revisit them at some nebulous future date. And after completing the ETC lesson, she still needs more practice. For whatever reason, this sound combo is hard for her.

FLL – Lessons 29-32 completed. Lesson 29 had an enrichment activity about zip codes, in which I showed Bean how to address an envelope. She wrote a letter to herself and mailed it. It arrived the next day. She was beyond thrilled.

The outside of Bean’s letter to herself.

The inside of Bean’s letter to herself.

WWE – Week 7 covered excerpts from The Tale of Peter Rabbit, by Beatrix Potter. We have that book somewhere in our house, but I have no clue where. Bug probably stashed it in some completely random place where I would never think to look.

History – We covered two chapters this week: Chapter 7 (Hammurabi and the Babylonians) and Chapter 8 (the Assyrians). Either chapter could have been stretched out to a week, but I didn’t think there was enough content/outside reading for that. After the fact, I could have if we added in activities from Ancient Egyptians and their Neighbors. We’re in the middle of building a ziggurat, and I have all of the pieces to make a sample mosaic wall. Oh well…we’ll bleed a little bit of Mesopotamia into India.

Science Chapter 7 covered koalas, kangaroos, and beavers.

Art – We finally were able to do another lesson in Meet the Masters. This one was about Winslow Homer. The art project focused on value.  I wasn’t able to find any picture books about Homer. There was sort of one at our library, but it was much too in depth for Bean.

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