Brownies 11/1/12

I need to start doing a better job of planning our meetings. This is the third meeting where we’ve run out of time before we completed everything on my outline. I am trying to get too much into too little time. We could meet every week and still never run out of things to do.

Tonight was our Veteran’s Day meeting (our next one will be after the holiday). My husband came dressed in his Blues to talk to the girl about some of the fun things he’s done in the Air Force. The girls saw his robot, bomb suit, and other toys during the base tour, so he wanted to focus on something a bit more personal.

He brought a globe and some trinkets he’s bought in various places (small rug in Afghanistan, lapis lazuli necklace in Iraq, jade dragon in China, and a wooden mask from Papua New Guinea). He also put some photos on my iPad so I could show the girls pictures of those same places. They got to see pictures of an Afghani village, the Ziggurat of Ur, DH on the Great Wall of China, the camp DH stayed while he was in PNG, and DH sitting on part of a WWII bomber that had crashed in PNG.

When he finished his talk, he taught the girls how to fold the American Flag. I went over what the stars and stripes stood for (I didn’t go what the colors signify), and talked about why the flag is important and how to be respectful of it. DH and I folded the flag to show the girls how it was done, then he had them come up one by one to help him fold it.

After the girls finished taking turns folding the flag, I divided them into two groups of two to work on Meet My Customers and the Snacks Badge.

Both groups of girls rotated between the two badges, then came back together to do our Veteran’s Day Service Project: hygiene kits and thank you cards for our VA hospital. I made the cards before the meeting to cut back on the time it would take to make them. On the outside, I stamped a gold eagle and stamped “thank you” in red above and below it. Inside, I wrote ” We appreciate what you have done for us. Girl Scout Troop 70145 Our Town, NY.” DH told me what to write on the inside since he thought my “thank you for your service” was too generic.

Once the girls completed their cards, they put together their hygiene kits. It’s just the basic supplies you might need if you find yourself unexpectedly staying overnight in a hospital. (It should be easy to find out what your local VA hospital needs. Ours has a list of wants on their website.)

Hopefully these kits/cards will make someone happy. Having seen our VA hospital, it is a very depressing place and its residents/visitors are in need of someone remembering that people out there care about veterans.

Meet My Customers
The girls worked on Steps 3 and 4 tonight.  I have a huge bag of fake money and the girls used that to make change for cookies. They also had to pretend that they were selling cookies at the booth, and had to practice how they would respond to the (sometimes random) questions posed by customers. One of my moms was in charge of this station, so I periodically popped in and pretended to be a customer.

*What cookies do you recommend?
*What is your favorite cookie?
*Is there a new cookie this year? What do you think of it?
*I was a GS when I was little. We did X. Do you still do X?
*What do GS do other than sell cookies?
*What do you like the best about being a GS?

Tonight the girls worked on Step 2: Make A Savory Snack (from a different country). Instead of using the recipes shown in the booklet, I had the girls make hummus. This is the recipe my husband uses. We have modified it slightly, to include a 1/4 cup of olive oil and 1 teaspoon of sumac (these amounts are for a full recipe).

I did have to strongly remind the girls that they must try one bite of what they made if they wanted to earn the badge. This was met with a few hunched shoulders and grumpy faces, but (surprise, surprise) all of the girls liked it. And both groups put cayenne and sumac in their hummus.

When our meeting was over, and while I talked to the parents about cookie booths, the girls ate their hummus with carrots and saltines. They also had to try a bite of pre-made guacamole (which was met with some resistance, and some “I don’t like its”, which lead to being reminded that they only need to say they dislike something once as it is rude to keep saying it especially when there are others who are enjoying what you don’t like).


2 responses to “Brownies 11/1/12

  1. I read your info and got some great ideas for our future GS Brownie meetings, thanks for sharing I really like your Veteran’s Day ideas!
    How many girls are in your troop and how many hours is your meetings, looks like you did a ton of activities in one meeting!- Marlene

    • Thank you! I have 6 Brownies and 8 Daisies this year (they meet on alternating weeks). Meetings generally last an hour and 15 minutes. I try to get the troop out for an excursion once a month. The only reason I was able to get them through those stations was by breaking them up into groups to rotate through. We still didn’t get everything done and that comes down to me needing to do a better job at figuring out how much we can complete during one meeting.

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