Weekly Recap 11/4/12

Math – Lessons 57-59 completed. We did math every day this week, but on several of the days we played games – Money War (reviewed the values of pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters) and the Corners Exercise (reinforces math facts totaling 5, 10, and 15).

Reading – Bean wanted to try her hand at reading a chapter book again, so she started Amber: the Orange Fairy on Tuesday. The last time she attempted a chapter book (Bean & Ivy) she petered out after a few days. It’s been probably around half a year since then, so we’ll see how this goes.

Mouse Soup
The Littles and the Summer Storm
Amber: the Orange Fairy (in progress)

Current Read Aloud – Mary Poppins

OPTGR – Lessons 185-194 completed. Most of these lessons covered two syllable words, which Bean generally does not have trouble with. There are a few lessons that we’ll come back to for review (ones that cover letter combos where one of the letters is silent, and the “sh” sound made by TI, CI, and SI). There is a very real possibility that we’ll complete OPTGR by the end of the calendar year.

ETC – Lessons 9 and 10 were completed this week. Lesson 9 covered IE words and Lesson 10 was review. Bean will need to do some review again on IE words, but for the most part, she gets it. We should be finished with ETC 6 before Christmas. We won’t start ETC 4 until the new year, however.

FLL – Lessons 33-36. Bean was supposed to learn a new poem this week, “Days of the Week,” but the version included is choppy. I had trouble reading it fluidly. We will make a second attempt of it this week using the version in my old Mother Goose book.

WWE – Week 8 covered excerpts from Caddie Woodlawn. Bean seemed somewhat interested in it, so I’ll hunt it down at our library this week.

History – We’re a bit behind on this. We’re still working on that blasted ziggurat. Drying times have taken much longer than I thought they would. It’s almost done – we just have to paint any details that Bean might want.

We did start Chapter 9: The First Cities of India, but we only read the first section of the chapter in SOTW and The Little Brown Jay (a nice little porquoi tale).

Science – We completed Lesson 8: armadillos, skunks, and rabbits.

Spanish – I admit that we didn’t do any Spanish this week.

Logic – Bean finally completed Mind Benders Verbal. We’ll start Mind Benders Book 1 next.


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