SOTW 1: Ch 7 and Ch 8

We covered both Chapter 7: Hammurabi and the Babylonians and Chapter 8: The Assyrians. Neither had a lot of content or associated books or activities so I figured we would condense them into one week. It did end up taking us three lesson days to complete them. Mainly because I didn’t want want to read all three Gilgamesh books to Bean at one sitting (which I ended up doing anyway because she got wrapped up into the story).

We also did another craft from Ancient Egyptians and Their Neighbors – building a ziggurat. Given the length of time it took us to complete this craft, I would highly recommend starting it on the first day of the lesson/school week. The directions say to let the clay dry overnight, but it was still damp with water leeching into the cardboard 24 hours later. We ended up giving the clay 5 days before we painted the ziggurat. Mostly becaugse there was so much else going on that I couldn’t find the time to set aside for painting. Regardless, some of the clay was still damp 2 days after we molded it.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Finally Done

Books – Ch 7

Bean really enjoyed both of the Abu Ali books.

Books – Ch 8

The You Wouldn’t Want To Be... book would be better suited for Ch 16: The Return of the Assyrians as the book is set in about the same time frame.

Books used for both chapters


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