In Which I Attempt to Stop the Distracted Procrastination

All right. I’ll bite. I am going to step out of my little corner and actually interact with people. Relatively anonymously. Online. Even though I am a Girl Scout Leader (which means I must interact with other people), I am an introvert at heart. If dragged somewhere where I have to interact with others, I generally bee-line for the wall or some other out of the way place where I plonk myself down until I can safely flee back home.

So when the opportunity to join a Homeschool Mom’s Boot Camp arose, I hemmed and hawed about doing it even though I desperately need outside accountability. But, I took a deep breath and did it. So thank you, Pam at Everyday Snapshots for doing this.

What would I like to change about my home or my homeschool? Let me count the ways…

1. I get sucked into the computer instead of doing chores/schoolwork. Right now, I’ve managed to lose 2 hours and most of the baby’s nap. Time that should have been spent cleaning my house.
2. Doing my chores. If I had actually been doing them during the last 2 hours, I could have gotten most of them done (minus the moping).
3. Many times, my husband comes home from work and we still have several subjects left on the board to do.
4. And keeping in the husband vein, even though he works and I’m at home, who do you think ends up making dinner more often than not? One guess….it’s not me.
5.  And also in that vein, I really desperately need to start meal planning again. Which means I need to go through the beast of a book shelf that holds all of my cookbooks and cooking magazines and folders that hold recipes printed out. While my husband can forage through our pantry and come up with something tasty, I need a recipe to tell me what to do.
6. Going back to the subject of school – I am haphazard at best about doing Spanish, and Art is lucky to get done once a month.

So out of these (and I’m sure there are more I can list), how do I choose which one to focus on for the next two weeks? Probably the one that would lead to more overall familial getting-alongness. Which means I need to focus on staying on top of my chores. So chores it is. Cheers to me actually going through with this.

Off to clean my house after wasting 2 hours on the internet. And we still have OPTGR, math, and reading left of our schoolwork to do.


3 responses to “In Which I Attempt to Stop the Distracted Procrastination

  1. Oh, I so see meal-planning my the near future for me too. I HAVE to get better about it. Seriously.

    Also, if I had advice for you in this boot camp- start with the easiest area to focus on. The one you believe you are most likely to follow through with. Baby steps and all!

    Now GO mop those floors!

  2. Your list is so much like my own! Welcome to the boot camp. I can’t wait to hear how it goes. We can do it!!

  3. Glad you could join us in boot camp.

    I have a huge list too. It looks like you prioritized well. Please keep us posted on how it’s going.

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