The cookies have arrived

Today we picked up our 142 cases of Girl Scout cookies. Not a lot in the whole scheme of things, I guess. Another troop in our Service Unit had over 400 cases (they are doing a lot of booths). I had wanted to take a picture of our cookies on the pallets before loading them up, but when I arrived (pretty much right on the nose for our designated time), I found that two of the moms who had volunteered to help me had loaded up most of our cookies into their truck and SUV respectively. A small part of me was disappointed at not getting  picture, but a larger part of me thought about what awesome parents I have in my troop.

Once back at my house the four of us, plus a Brownie and a Daisy, unloaded the vehicles and put all of the boxes in my guest room. We did a final count and then started divvying up the cookies. I started with the families present so we could get their boxes out of the way before moving on to the rest of the girls.  All in all 9 of 12 girls who sold in the pre-sales picked their cookies up today. Two more will tomorrow, and I haven’t heard back from the third.

I received our pre-sale “sold 125+ boxes” recognition, and…it’s a bit on the lame side. It’s not the fact that it’s a messenger bag (which is useful), but it’s made from a cheap plastic-y material. The hoodies from last year were a lot better. Come to that, most of the recognitions from last year were better. And there were more of them.  Still, even this year’s somewhat paltry offerings are better than the triangle-shaped highlighter (with a different color on each tip!) I remember getting one year when I was a Girl Scout.

And with that…booths start tomorrow.


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