First day of cookie booths

Yesterday was our first day of cookie booths. And I’ve already had to grab 5 additional cases from the cookie cupboard. It was insane (for us). We sold 254 boxes over an eight hour period. I know that that is small potatoes if you’re at a shopping mall or big box store, but we live in a little village of 2000 people. We only sold around 500 boxes last year total at our booth, so I assumed this year would be similar.  Even the (now retired) GS leader who used to sell at this store was surprised at our numbers. Who knows…I’m not going to complain about it.

We also lucked out with a gorgeous day – sunny and warm. The only draw back was the wind, and boy howdy, was it windy! I was in the process of closing out Bean’s shift and the wind blew the money envelope off the table. Myself and several other people chased $20 bills across the parking lot. All of the money was recovered, thankfully.

A lesson learned today – make sure to put our booth info into the online scheduler. I haven’t done it because I didn’t think it would have any benefit, and I was wrong. One customer was surprised to see us there as he looked up booths in the area and didn’t see one listed for our town. Which means if he has, then other people probably have as well. As soon as I got home from Bean’s shift, I entered everything into SNAP. It’s showing as pending, so hopefully it will update tomorrow.

ADDING: One final thing, we ended up raising $69.05 to buy cookies for deployed service members. A lot of times, even when people didn’t buy cookies, they popped some change in the jar. I know our Council is is doing this for their Share program (through the local AF base), but I would rather skip the middle man and send the cookies out directly. They will be sent to multiple branches (right now I have Army, Navy, and Air Force), but they will all go to EOD units since that’s where my connections are.

One response to “First day of cookie booths

  1. Wow, awesome job on the booth! Some of my favorite memories from being a younger scout is at our booths. Like when the boy scouts set up next to us and more people bought our cookies than their popcorn!

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