Weekly Recap 11/11/12

I had to submit my first quarterly report this week. I ended up using one of my friend’s old quarterlies as a template. It is really hard to think of how to phrase things so that it’s detailed enough for the school district, but not so in-depth that I’m writing every little thing out.

Math – Lessons 60-63 completed. I ended up splitting lesson 62 into two days because there was no way I would have been able to get Bean to sit down and do everything that lesson had in one sitting. We did the geoboards, practicing 9 + a number, and practicing tens and 9 + a number on the first day (and even that was painful by the end of it), and adding a number + 9 and the worksheet the second day. Bean seems to understand what to do, but yet again, stumbles because she has to actually think. She can’t just breeze through it, which causes the “I can’t do this! I’ll never learn how to do this!”, slamming forehead on the table meltdowns. I am really glad that DH will be the one in charge of math once he retires (7 more years to go…).


Amber: The Orange Fairy
Walruses (Under the Sea)
Dick and Jane and Vampires

Current Read Aloud –
Mary Poppins
Magic School Bus: Polar Bear Patrol
The Worst Witch
Magic School Bus: The Wild Whale Watch

OPTGR – Lessons 195-202 were completed. Bean really didn’t have any trouble with the lessons. Two of them covered contractions, but DH and I have been explaining them as we come across them while reading.  We are so close to being done! I just want it to be over already! I have to watch myself and make sure I don’t push her too much in my haste to close the book (so to speak).

ETC – Lesson 11 was completed (oi and oy words), and we only have one page left of Lesson 12 (ou and ow words, sound as in found/cow). We’ve been doing 1-3 pages per day, every day.  She had a little trouble with the “ow” sound, but not enough to really worry about. We can go back and do some review of it in OPTGR if needed. But she generally does alright with the sound when reading a story.

FLL – Lessons 37-40 completed. We’re still working on the days of the week poem using my old Mother Goose book (this is a reprint). The poem is entitled, “A Week of Birthdays”.  Bean is struggling with it a little bit. She keeps getting the order of the days mixed up.

WWE – Week 9 covered excerpts from Charlotte’s Web. We read this book last year and Bean adored it. The only hair-pulling parts were making her rewrite her sentences because they were incredibly sloppy. She was not thrilled with having to do that, and consequently had a few tantrums that did not end well for her.

History – We finished up the chapter on India and started/completed Chapter 10: The Far East: Ancient China. I need to hunt down more books on Chinese legends and fairy tales. The Master Swordsman & The Magic Doorway have been put on our “to buy” list.

Science – We completed Lesson 9 this week. Bean adores whales so she was very much excited for it.

Spanish – We did Leccion 11 this week. I made sure to sit with Bean (I have been bad about doing that lately) to make sure she’s getting it, and she’s definitely retaining what is taught, but I need something to help reinforce it. I looked through the student book again, but it looks like it’s geared for a slightly older student. I don’t know how well she’d do with it. I think once we’ve finished Level 1 (15 lessons total), we’ll move onto a different Spanish program.

Logic – Bean ripped through the entire Mind Benders book this week. She absolutely loved it. The last logic book she was this passionate about Lollipop Logic (and its sequels). I’m glad for my binge buying episode last year from the Critical Thinking Company. I still have several books from that we haven’t done yet.


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