Boot Camp Part 1 – Sort of a Success

The success part of this comes from the fact there was a three day weekend. Not that I did anything today other than run around like a screaming mimi dealing with Girl Scout cookie booths (if there was ever a time to take Prozac…).

BUT…that being said, I did sort of get some of my chores mostly completed. The baby’s diapers were washed and folded – on the same day! I managed to get 8 loads of laundry done and 8 loads folded (note that 2 of those folded loads had been sitting in the baskets for close to a week, and that the last 2 loads I washed are currently stacked up on the laundry table in the basement).

I also managed to get almost half of my house cleaned and mopped. And a day or so later, depending on the room, it is still mostly clean. I cannot stress how amazing this is. My kids are pocket-sized tornadoes who bee-line for the living room as soon as the floor has once again been discovered beneath books, toys, and what have you. My husband would argue that they’re just like their mother in this, but I feel there is a strong distinction between haphazard mess and multiple stacks of papers, magazines, and books that cover our counter, table, any flat surface…you see, I know where everything is. Cataloging for the lazy.

What didn’t I do? Other than not fold those two last loads of laundry, I didn’t clean, sweep, or mop the upstairs. It desperately needs it. I think the last time I cleaned up there was, um…how bad is it that I can’t remember? Because it’s a not public space, I often forget about it.

I also didn’t clean, sweep, or mop the computer/junk room. It’s an overwhelming sort of room. I don’t have places to put most of the stuff, so it ends up in stacks on the floor. Stacks on elevated flat surfaces are fine, but when it interferes with my mobility, there’s a problem. It would be easily fixed by adding another bookcase. I could do this fairly quickly with a trip to the store and a cheapo particleboard thingy. Or (as I keep deluding myself), I’ll just shuffle the two bookcases in our living room into that room once I’ve built the nice bookcase-cabinet unit I’ve been meaning to build since I was pregnant with the baby. Who is now 15 months old.

So now onward to the next several days of trying to keep up with my chores. Not too shabby given how easily I become distracted.


One response to “Boot Camp Part 1 – Sort of a Success

  1. I think you need to focus on what you DID do and not what you didn’t get to. You did an amazing amount of work! I get tired just reading it. Way to go with your boot camp success!

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