Boot Camp, Red Queen Style

These past several days have felt like I am running as fast as I can just to stay in the same place. Possibly even slipping a bit. I blame it entirely on Girl Scout cookies and not on any failing of myself. When all else fails, blame an inanimate object (this drives my husband nuts).

Tuesday = no chores
Wednesday = no chores
Thursday = mad dash to do something, cleaned/swept/mopped a little less than 1/4 of my house, rooms that were already cleaned earlier in the week.

*sigh* I still haven’t touched the upstairs. Laundry is piling up with the last two loads still sitting on the laundry table. Diapers were washed again yesterday, but are still in the dryer.  My living room is once again missing a floor, and we haven’t done math at all this week. Missing one week of first grade math won’t ruin Bean for life, right?

I do fully blame cookies for this (that and the added Pilsbury Doughboy fluffiness that is showing up on my belly, though if you poke me, I won’t giggle). Cookie booths are horribly stressful. And invariably, at one of them, something won’t add up, and then I spend the next 3 hours holed up with boxes, money, and my computer cross-checking, triple-checking everything to figure out what on earth happened. Cookies yesterday, cookies tomorrow, and always cookies today.

But, this weekend is a new weekend, and my husband is taking the two littles down to his parents house (thank you first weekend of deer season!). Bean is staying with me because of booths. We’ll get caught up on some schoolwork. Caught up on chores. And we’ll go out to dinner on Saturday evening.


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