Brownies and Archery

In place of our regular meeting at the church last night, we went to an archery range. The girls had a blast! There is a very good chance we’ll go back there again before the end of the school year. Only one of my girls was ambivalent about it, but she tends towards pessimism, so I don’t take her response as dislike of the event.

The new Brownie troop in our Service Unit joined us, and those girls had a blast as well. They made it by the skin of their teeth for sure as the owner started promptly at 6:30. The leader was frantic wondering when her girls would get there (co-leader picked them up at their meeting location), but the girls arrived while the owner was in the middle of his opening lecture.

After learning the basics, the girls cycled through shooting three arrows per turn until our hour was up. They could have kept right on going if we’d let them. I saw several of them grab flyers for lessons, so there is definite interest in doing this again. Since we’re doing so well with cookies this year, another visit to the archery range might be one of the activities the girls choose to do with their profits.

The only down side is that the girls won’t be able to earn the Archery Try-It. the council that created it is no longer selling them while they revamp their badges to reflect the new national guidelines. I hope this doesn’t mean the badge disappears forever. There are pretty much no badges out there on the national level if you have active, adventurous girls.


2 responses to “Brownies and Archery

  1. I agree, I’m still trying to figure out the new national proficiency badges and the journeys, but I feel like there are a lot of things missing that were in the old badge books. There is an option to make your own badge here if you want to check it out! Good luck with that archery, I used to teach it at Girl Scout camp!

    • LOL…the last time I did archery was at GS camp many years ago. 🙂

      From what I understand from Council, the girls have fewer badges because JGL wanted girls to have a solid set of skills that can be used to help others. If there are too many badges, you can’t focus on those skills. I get what they are trying to do, but I don’t agree with it.

      I’ve told my girls about the Make Your Own, but I wish they had a troop option! I know we could feasibly use it like that, but then the girls wouldn’t have the option to make their own individual badge for the year.

      Not getting a badge won’t stop us from doing the fun things, it’s just disappointing that it’s not an option anymore.

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