Weekly Recap 11/18/12

Math – Well…we didn’t do any math whatsoever this week. Just didn’t happen.


Rainbow Magic: A Fairyland Costume Ball
Rainbow Magic: The Fairies’ Birthday Surprise
Rainbow Magic: The Rainbow Fairies
Rainbow Magic: A Fairy Ballet (in progress)

Current Read Alouds
Sunny: The Yellow Fairy
Ashley the Dragon Fairy
Hello, Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle!
Fern the Green Fairy

OPTGR – Lessons 203-209 were covered.

ETC – The last page of Lesson 12 and all of Lesson 13 (au and aw) were completed.

FLL – Lessons 41-44 were completed. We started doing copywork with Lesson 42. It doesn’t add a lot of extra work, but it’s enough (drama-wise) that we can’t really get away with doing more than one lesson per day. Unless one of those lessons has no copywork.

WWE – Lesson 10 covered exerpts from stories about Davy Crockett and Sacagawea.

History – Chapter 11: Ancient Africa.

ScienceLesson 10: Goats, Cows, and Pigs.

Spanish – I think we did Spanish only one day this week.

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