Daddy’s Version of First Aid

Last week started a new quarter at Bean’s co-op. She goes once a week and takes Art, Spanish, P.E., Geography (specifically learning about the States), and one rotating unit. This quarter, that unit will cover safety awareness/preparedness.

Bean brought home a three page checklist for disaster preparedness. DH sat down with her to go over the list. One thing lead to another, and he pulled out his combat medic kit. My only experience with it in the past has been to repeatedly say, “NO! I do not want you to practice putting an IV in my arm!” or “NO! That tube is going nowhere near my nose!”

But for Bean, the kit was love at first sight. The rest of the evening was spent learning how to wrap bandages. It included periodic yells of “Help! My leg!” ….or insert any other body part in there. It also included torturing the baby, who was easily captured and wrapped. Bean perfected wrapping a stomach injury on him, much to his dislike.

Because of her evening of fun, she now wants to be a vet tech.

And she created her own medic’s bag with all of DH’s bandages. We’ll see how long that lasts until I start finding items shoved into and under my couch.

Bandaged Bean and Rosavelt (the pink dolphin).


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