Baking Daisies

Tonight was our second annual “baking gingerbread men for our village’s Christmas party” evening.  The girls once again had a blast rolling and cutting out the cookies (I made the dough beforehand).

We opened up our meeting with a very simple Investiture/Rededication Ceremony (I learned my lesson from last year). I started with my three new kindergarteners. They came up individually. I gave them a red daisy and had them recite a line of the Girl Scout Promise. After they said their line, they put their flower in the vase, I pinned them, did the GS Sign/Handshake, and they sat back down.

Then I had my returning first graders come up individually. Because there are five of them, they each received to white daisies and had to recite two lines of the GS Law. Then they put their daisies in the vase, I put the centennial disc around their membership star, did the GS Sign/Handshake, and they sat back down.

When we finished the ceremony, I counted the girls off into two groups. One went upstairs to bake cookies, and the other stayed downstairs to finish working on their Respect Myself and Others Petal.

Three moms were in charge of baking, so I spent most of my time downstairs with the other four girls. My Junior was in charge of finishing up the Petal, and she taught the girls a silly song about a hippo (not really related to respect, but it is an action song that got some wiggles out), taught them a game called, “Do You Like Your Neighbor?”, then helped them decorate foam-framed mirrors.

After around 20 minutes, the girls switched. When both groups finished both stations, they decorated gingerbread men that I had baked previously. All in all, it was a good meeting.


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