Daisies 12/13/12

Tonight was a somewhat sparse meeting in terms of content. I didn’t have a lot of time to work on the details prior to the meeting. But we ended up finishing about five minutes before the end of our meeting, so I guess I didn’t do too badly in terms of quantity of content.

We started off the meeting by talking about what we wanted to do with our cookie money. This topic has been broached before, but I wanted to go over it one more time.  The Daisies will use some of the money earned for an overnight at the aquarium for themselves, and to help a troop in Brooklyn affected by Hurricane Sandy.

The two badges we worked on this evening were the Making Choices Leaf and the Safety Award. We covered Step 1 of MCL at our last meeting, but because it got the girls up and moving about, we did it again. We first talked about what needs and wants are, then we played a game. I taped 8 “needs” pictures and 8 “wants” pictures around the room, and had the girls race around to grab one of each before sitting back down.  Each girl had to show what she had and explain why it was a need or a want.

We did a second activity for Step 1 from the Girl Scouts River Valley Daisy Planning Guide.  I had the girls take off their right shoe and place it at the end of the room. Then they lined up in a row at the other end. They went down the line, running to the other end, putting on their shoe, running back, high-fiveing their neighbor, rinse and repeat.

After the first round, I divided them up into two teams and they competed against each other.  The game is a good idea, but it’s best played when no one has laced shoes. Two of my girls had double knots in their laces and it took them forever to get the shoes untied, on their foot, and tied again. One of the moms was at that end of the room and she ended up helping them with the laces.

We also delved into Step 3 of the MCL, talking about what we could do to help our sister troop in Brooklyn. The leader indicated that all of their troop supplies were wiped out, so we’ll most likely get some of those items. I would also like to put together Christmas stockings for her girls (or something similar).

Finally, we started working on the Safety Award. Of my current crop of Daisies, only two have the award. And one of those girls recently moved, so I want to make sure she knows her new address and phone number.

The girls were divided into two groups. One mom took half into the gross motor room and worked with them on stop, drop, and roll and how to help a friend who’s choking. I had the other half, and we decorated one side of the 4″x6″ index cards on which the girls’ info had been written (name, parents’ names, address, phone number). After around 10 minutes, we switched.

For closing circle, I went over our upcoming agenda:
*visit to an art museum this Saturday
*troop Christmas party next Thursday
*starting 3 Cheers Journey in January (can’t wait!!)


One response to “Daisies 12/13/12

  1. I remember doing that same stuff in Brownies so many years ago to get my safety award! Also I think it’s great you guys teamed up with a troop to help in Brooklyn, just goes to show our global sisterhood at work again!
    -Ana girlscoutabouttheworld.wordpress.com

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