Brownies 12/6/12

This is a very belated post about last week’s Brownie meeting. I was out of town, so most of this is coming second-hand. My assistant leader and one of my moms were in charge. I gave them the basic framework of the meeting, and they did the rest.

On the agenda was to:
* Discuss uses for our cookie money (for the troop and for others)
* Complete Steps 2 and 5 of the Meet My Customers Badge
* Complete Steps 3 and 4 of the Painting Badge
* Make ornaments for our pen pals

Cookie Money – the girls liked the idea of an overnight at the Buffalo Science Museum, so that is what we’ll do. I am thinking that sometime in March would be good (as it will be between the February and Spring Breaks). There are two different themed overnights, so the girls will have to figure out which one they like better. As for helping other people, they came up with working in/helping a soup kitchen. I think they are too young to work the line (based off GS rules), but I bet there’s something they can do to help. The girls came up with this one completely on their own, so I want to do what I can to make it work. It might also be possible to turn this into their TAP for the Quest Journey.

Meet My Customers Badge – talking about cookie money uses (Step 2) ties into this badge. It was the only portion of Step 2 we hadn’t previously completed. The girls also did a slightly modified Step 5 – they signed thank you cards for the two stores we sold in front of during booths. The Daisies signed them last night, and today I took the cards, plus some Thanks-A-Lots, to the stores.

Painting – the girls completed Steps 3 (paint a mood) and 4 (paint w/o brushes).  While planning the meeting, I forgot to allot time in-between projects for clean up (way to go, smart one), so this part of the meeting kind of caused everything to go past our ending time. However, the girls had a blast. I need to talk to my assistant leader about this section since it was her project.

Pen Pal Ornaments – the final thing on the agenda was to make ornaments for our pen pals in NC. My (somewhat successful) idea was to have them put paint inside clear glass balls and swirl it around to make marbleized-like patterns. Ultimately, the ornaments are lovely. But it took some experimenting. If you add water to make the paint easier to swirl, you run the risk of adding too much and then the paint won’t stick. If you don’t add water, then you had to add a lot more paint, which means it will take forever to dry (one week later, and the paint was still wet inside the balls). You can turn the balls over so the paint can drip out, but if you let too much drip out, then you run the risk of having clear spots on the ball where no paint is left. Also, you can’t get the balls to the perfect swirly pattern because it still settles and blends once you’re finished. I’m sure somewhere out there is the way to do it perfectly, but even with the mishaps, the ornaments are lovely.

ball 017


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