Weekly Recap 12/16/12

This is a pitiful recap. We pretty much did nothing all week.  Monday was our last day in Oregon, Tuesday we flew home (flights from hell, courtesy of Bug), Wednesday and Thursday we were still zonked from travel, and by Friday I just lost all motivation. We’ll just have to do school over Christmas to make up for it. The good thing is that when we buckle down, a school day generally takes no more than 2 hours (unless a video is being watched).


Current Read Aloud – Matilda, The Giants and the Joneses

We haven’t finished Matilda yet, but set it aside to read some books from Anne’s library that I brought home with me (our system doesn’t have them), so I can mail them back in time for her to return them before she flies out here. I enjoyed The Giants and the Joneses, but I do have one quibble with it – what on earth happened to the children once they got back home? The book completely skips over that.


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