Weekly Recap 12/9/12

This week was a bit up in the air. Even though we were pretty much done with cookies, we also flew to Oregon to visit Anne. For whatever reason, I thought it was a good idea to fly across the continent by myself, with three children. The flights out were fine. The trip was a blast. The flights home were kind that had me waiting for a flight attendant to quietly ask us to get off the plane.

Math – We took a break from RS B since there were too many components to bring with me on a plane. Instead, I brought Math Mammoth 1A (MM 1A). It’s completely different in its approach in that it’s all worksheets. Bean, however, enjoyed it. We did 4 pages per day, most of the problems on each page. There were some problem sets where I had her do every other problem. Making her do all of them would have lead to whining. And she already had a decent grasp on the concepts being taught.

Reading – I didn’t bring any readers with me, and we didn’t make it to the library until several days into our trip, and then I forgot to check out any, so Bean didn’t do any reading this week.

Current Read Aloud – Matilda

OPTGR – Lessons 219-225 completed. I had assumed we would finish OPTGR while at Anne’s, but we didn’t since there were multiple days during cookie booths where we didn’t do school, or did an abbreviated version of it.

FLL – Lessons 53-59 completed. Bean drew some more action verb cards and enjoyed dancing to the poem included in Lesson 58, “Dancing,” by Eleanor Farjean. Because the copywork for Lesson 59 was to write down the days of the week, I read the chapters in Genesis that pertained to first seven days of creation. I also went over what the names of the days of the week mean (Monday = moon day, Wednesday = Odin’s/Woden’s day, etc…).

WWE – Week 13 completed. This lesson centered on the book The Saturdays.

History – Chapter 13: The New Kingdom of Egypt. This chapter covered Queen Hatshepsut and King Tut.

Science – Lesson 13: Hummingbirds, Swallows, & Swans. We only covered swallows and swans while in Oregon, so we’ll have to do hummingbirds this week before starting the next lesson.


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