Mid-Year Curriculum Changes

As our new semester starts this week, there are some changes to our curriculum line-up. Bean has five lessons left in OPTGR, but I have set it aside until we’ve completed ETC4. She was getting incredibly frustrated with sounding out complex multi-syllabic words, and I thought it best to wait until we’ve covered it in ETC4 first.


Speaking of ETC, we’ll start back up again with ETC4. This book covers the syllable breakdown within words. We gave it a shot in kindergarten, but it was too much for her to handle (quite a few people skip ETC4 and then go back to it later). Once we finish ETC4, we’ll be done with ETC for the year. We still have ETC7 and ETC8 to complete, but those will wait until 2nd grade since there I want to wait a bit before we start reading comprehension paragraphs.


We’ll also be making changes to Math and Spanish. For math, Bean adores Math Mammoth, so we’ll continue with it. I don’t want to give up completely on RS B since I like the way it teaches and Bean does well with it, so I will mix it up by doing X amount of lessons in one and then X amount of lessons in the other.

Spanish will be a complete change. I’ve given up on La Clase Divertida. I liked it at the beginning, and Bean does have decent retention, but the more we did it, the less she liked it (and the less I did too). The lessons seemed somewhat disjointed. Bean knows a lot of random things (colors, numbers, body parts and some questions relating to them), but she can’t say hello, good-bye, how are you doing, and other conversation initials. There is also a student workbook, but I felt like it was geared more towards older kids.


Instead, we’re going to make the switch to Song School Spanish. It’s a new program, but I have Song School Latin (waiting in the wings), and I like the layout, so hopefully this will be a success. I just keep telling myself that my goal is not fluency, it’s to create the framework so when she learns a language in earnest when she’s older, that it will be easy for her.

…………………………….TGS1 SGTGS1 IG

Finally, we’ll start two new subjects: Religion and Cursive. For Religion, we’ll use Telling God’s Story Year 1 (TGS). I had meant to start it in the Fall, but it would have been too much. Bean asked to start learning about Jesus a few weeks ago, so I figured I’d pop it into the curriculum to replace OPTGR. I like that it focuses on Jesus (hey…the reason we have Christianity!), who he is/was, and what makes/made him special.


After losing interest in cursive last year (it was a short-lived interest), Bean has asked again to learn cursive. We’ll continue using D’Nealian, Book 2 introduces cursive. She’ll have to stick it out this time, I won’t give her the option to quit. I’m hoping that cursive will help her hold her pencil properly without a grip (she always slips into holding it wonkily when I don’t put it on), and that she’ll form her letters properly (she’s also picked up some bad habits regarding letter formation). We’ll see how it goes.


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