Brownie Quest Outline

We will start our first Brownie Journey at our next meeting. I chose Quest since it was the first one written, and I think it’s important to understand your place within your community and what you can do to help.  I am completely skipping the story in the girls’ book, but I am going to use some of the activity pages.

I plan on focusing on the community aspect of the Journey and will use the Circle of Caring (page 60 of the girls’ book) as the backbone for meeting planning. Most of the sessions should only take up part of our meetings, so we’ll do badgework for the remaining time.

Here is a link to it at Scribd to you can download/save/print it easier.

Session 1: Me
Session 2: My Family
Session 3: Girl Scouts
Session 4: My Community
Session 5: World Community
Session 6: TAP

Any further sessions will deal with our TAP, so I haven’t attempted to plan them out. It is also possible that there will be changes made to the sessions, but there is a rough outline shown below.

**The Brownie Philanthropist Badge would tie in nicely to the overarching theme of this Journey**

Session 1: Me
*Introduced the Circle of Caring

*Discovering Me Star (pg 49 girls’ book)
*Discovering Values (pg 50 girls’ book)
*Played hula hoop co-operative game (pg 60 of leader’s book)
*Girls will take home Discovering Family Star (pg 51 girls’ book)
**Possible badge tie-in: My Best Self / My Great Day
+have girls bring in an item that relates to their talent/favorite hobby for show and tell

Session 2: Family
*Share Discovering Family Star
*Talk about healthy eating (segue into Snack Badge)
*Do an experiment to show girls how much sugar is in their snack food
*Play both the hula hoop and ball co-operative games (pgs 60-61 of leader’s book)
*Fill out 1st Key form (pg 52 girls’ book)
*Hand out 1st Key Badge
**Possible badge tie-in: My Family Story / Snacks
+Have girls bring in/share something that’s important to their family/heritage or something that makes their family special

Session 3: Girl Scouts
*Talk about how we’ve helped other GS (Hurricane Sandy)
*Painting Badge, Step 5 – GS mural
*Learn about Juliette Gordon Lowe
**Possible badge tie-in: Making Friends / GS Way

Session 4: My Community
*Talk about how we’ve helped our community
(*If you’re a military troop or have a base nearby, you could see about earning the Council’s Own Try-Its for the five military branches from GS of Colonial Coast)
** Make posters based upon “Discovering Values”, “Discovering Me”, and “Discovering Family” pages to help girls get ideas for their TAP
* Brainstorm TAP
*Fill out 2nd Key form (pg 65)
*Hand out 2nd Key Badge
**Possible badge tie-in: Celebrating Community

Session 5: World Community
*Read picture book about Wangari Maathai
*Masai Collar Necklace craft
*Listen to traditional African music
*Hand out 3rd Key Badge
**Possible badge tie-in: World Thinking Day
**Other possible badges would be Historically Speaking from Patchwork Designs

Session 6: TAP
*complete TAP
*Hand out Lock Badge


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