Weekly Recap 12/23/12

Math – We did 3 lessons in MM1A. Trying to keep Bean focused is like pulling teeth. She gets distracted or frustrated and then gives up. *sigh* I know it will be better at some point (right?).


Pooh Invents a New Game (completed)

Current Read Aloud – The Travels of Thelonious

OPTGR – We skipped Lesson 226, completed all of 227 and half of 228. For right now, I’m going to set aside OPTGR until we’ve completed ETC4. Bean was too frustrated trying to sound out multi-syllable words for me to want to push her. ETC4 will give her a good introduction to breaking down the words for sounding out.

FLL – Lessons 60-64 completed.

WWE – Week 14 completed.

History – We finished up Chapter 13: The New Kingdom of Egypt (will be hyperlinked at some point).

ScienceLesson 14: Flamingos, Peacocks, & Ostriches completed.


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