SOTW 1: Ch 13 & 15

We did Chapter 13: The New Kingdom of Egypt (mostly) while in Oregon. I really like the World Book Ancient Egyptian Myths & Legends and Bean continues to love the You Wouldn’t Want To Be… series, but the other books were kind of eh.

The chapter essentially covered Queen/King Hatshepsut and King Tutankhamen. If I could do it over, I would read the chapter in SOTW1, read the corresponding pages in UILE, and then watch one video for each subject. Neither book on Hatshepsut that we checked out from the library works for a 1st grader (well, mine at least).

Video, Ch 13
Secrets of Egypt’s Lost Queen (probably a bit much for a 1st grader)

Books, Ch 13

egyptian myths ardagh hatshepsut, his majesty, herself look what came from egyptking tut curse wouldn't want tutankhamentut's gift


This week, we did Chapter 15: The Phoenicians. I was somewhat disappointed in that there is pretty much nothing out there for kids about the Phoenicians. A picture book about Dido? Nope. A picture book about Carthage? Also a nope. I did not use either of the books recommended from the SOTW1 AG because they were collections of Roman myths, and that didn’t seem relevant to the Phoenicians.

I found two videos that looked promising. We watched Legacy of Ancient Civilizations Carthage and the Phoenicians on Amazon (mainly because it was under 30 minutes), but the picture quality was poor and we spent most of the time straining to hear the narrator as the background music was too loud. We did not watch the second one (though retrospectively I wished we had watched it instead of the one we did).

We did one craft from the SOTW1 AG – making fake stained glass. The girls LOVED it!!!! I modified it slightly from the book in that I had the girls draw a simple picture directly onto the waxed paper with a permanent marker. They each placed the crayon shavings and threads on their picture, and I ironed them. Tomorrow we’ll punch holes in them and hang them in a window.

snow 016

I also had a photocopy of the Phoenician section of the book Ancient Israelites and Their Neighbors so we could do some activities from it, but….I have no clue where I put it. I’m sure I’ll find it eventually.

ancient israelites

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