Weekly Recap 1/6/13

Math – 2 lessons were completed in MM1A – Sums with 10 and Some Symbols.


Frog and Toad Are Friends (not completed)

Current Read Alouds: Matilda (finally finished!), The Railway Children

ETC – We started ETC4 on Wednesday. We’ll keep a similar pace as before – 2-3 pages per day, 4 days per week.

FLL – Lessons 68 and 69 completed.

WWE – We completed the last half of Week 15. Bean enjoyed the excerpts from The Railway Children enough that she asked me to check it out from the library.

History – We did an activity that corresponded with Chapter 15: The Phoenicians. This was a light history week because I’m waiting on books for the next chapter to arrive at the library.

Science – We didn’t do any science this week since I’m waiting on a few books/videos from the library. I didn’t want to start until we got Bill Nye the Science Guy: Reptiles (coming from another library in the system that is notoriously slow at transferring materials).

Art – Bean had First Friday Art class at the Albright-Knox. They worked on abstract art compositions. I wanted to take a picture of her artwork, but since she cleared off her desk, I have not a clue where it disappeared to.


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