Daisy Leaves

*Updated Money Counts on 1/30/2016*

Posted below are what we did to earn the Daisy Leaves. We earned Money Counts and Count It Up last year. We earned Making Choices and Talk It Up this year.

I also recommend looking here for ideas.

money counts

Money Counts

1. Understand different kinds of coins.
—> I have a collection fake money (coins and bills), so we used those in conjunction with money worksheets I printed out from Enchanted Learning (a subscription site). You can make your own worksheets. Here are some other options here and here. The US Mint has a Coin Curricula that might be helpful for finding ideas as well.

2. Know more about paper money.
—> We used my fake money collection for this as well. I truly don’t know the specifics of how this step was taught as two of my moms were in charge of it. The US Treasury has an educator resource site that might be useful. I haven’t done anything more than a cursory poking around it though.

3. Find out the cost of fun.
—> We used the example in the book to calculate the cost of a trip to the zoo. You could also create a store with the girls buying items using fake money. The last worksheet link above has worksheets that would work for this as well.

making choices

Making Choices

1. Find out the differences between needs and wants.
—> I opened up by asking the girls what they thought needs were. Once they had a chance to contribute, I went a little bit more in depth about needs and wants. I made my own needs and wants cards (scroll down towards the bottom of the post), one each for each girl. I stuck them to the wall, turned a timer on, and had the girls race to grab one of each and sit back down in her spot before the timer went off. We went around in a circle, with each girl showing/telling which card fell into which category.

2. Try setting a  goal to save for what you want.
—> We used the GSRV guide (linked at the top of the post) for this step. We talked about what goals are and why it is important to create goals. To demonstrate this (on the short term), the girls did jumping jacks in 15 second, 30 second, and 60 second intervals. I created a chart to keep track of their goal for each interval, how many they actually did, and how many they did when they had to try to do three more jumping jacks than they did the first time. They loved this activity! And I loved that it is a great way to break up a meeting: goal discussion/15 second jumping jacks, meeting content, 30 second jumping jacks, meeting content, 60 second jumping jacks…

3. Help others with what they need and want.
—> This was tied into Hurricane Sandy relief. I had a contact on Staten Island who gave us a list of needs and wants, and our troop put together a care package based upon that list. For needs, we sent items such as school supplies, socks, and underwear. For wants, we sent items such as toys, hair accessories, and coloring books.

count it up

Count It Up

1. Find out what cookies cost.
—> For this step, I set out a sales sheet in the middle of our circle and went over the  cost of a box and how to find out how much more than one box costs.

2. Learn about the different kinds of cookies.
—> We went over the basics of the cookies, asked the girls what their favorite kinds was, and then played, “What Cookie Am I?” (Mid-way down this post, I talk more about it.)

3. Set a sales goal.
—> I told the girls how many boxes of cookies we sold last year, and gave that as our goal for this year. We went around the circle and each girl said an amount of boxes she wanted to sell. The average response was 100 boxes. I wrote it down to see if they met their goal (6 out of 8 met the goal they set).

talk it up

Talk It Up

1. Decide how to use your cookie money.
—> I told the girls where their dues/cookie money goes: troop supplies, patches, field trip costs, camp outs….and asked if there was anything special they wanted to do. I admit that I guided them towards an overnight at the aquarium, partially because the girls who went last year had fun, and partially because none of them had any suggestions. So, overnight at the aquarium it is!

2. Talk about how to use cookie money to help others.
—> Again, I told the girls how we used last year’s cookie money to help others (valentine’s cards for the pediatric unit at a local cancer research hospital and flowers for a small garden bed for the church we meet at). I asked the girls for ideas, and some of the responses were to buy people food, clothes, and furniture. One thing we did use the money for was to purchase the supplies to assemble hygiene kits for the local VA hospital. Some of our cookie money also went towards helping troops on Staten Island and in Brooklyn affected by Hurricane Sandy

3. Inspire your customers.
—> One of my veteran GS moms helped the girls to roll-play working a booth.


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