Weekly Recap 1/13/13

On Friday, Bean started a 10-week session of archery organized by one of the local homeschool groups. The youngest age they allow is 7, but the email sent out to everyone indicated that 6 year olds who can focus and listen to directions could attend, so I signed Bean up! One of my friends also signed her daughter up and offered to take Bean with her. The first lesson into it, and Bean loves it. She said she got a squirrel award (no clue what that is).

Math – Bean did one lesson in MM1A – Review of Addition Facts (split into two days because I had Bean do every problem). That completed the first chapter of the book, so now we’ll take a break and go back to RS B. We completed Lessons 70-72. These lessons focused on symmetry, reflections, and math facts with 8’s.

Frog and Toad Are Friends (completed)
Frog and Toad Together

Current Read Aloud: The Railway Children

ETC – Lesson 2 completed, Lesson 3 started. Lesson 2 covered word endings (-ful, -ing, -est, -ed, and -ness). Lesson 3 introduced the syllable break between two consonants (vc/cv). So far so good in terms of Bean understanding what’s going on.

FLL – Lessons 70 and 71 completed. Recent lessons have covering months of the year and seasons. Very conveniently, the current edition of Ladybug magazine had cut out cards for the months. I got them laminated, cut them out, and have been using them to help Bean put the months in order and to break them down into seasons.

WWE – Week 16 completed. One excerpt was from a folktale, and the other from Aesop’s Fables.

History – We covered Chapter 17: Babylon Takes Over Again. This was our last chapter covering Mesopotamia. Bring on the Greeks!

Science – Lesson 15: Reptiles (chameleons, iguanas, and snakes)

Cursive – Bean started D’Nealian Book 2. She’s a bit put out that the first section is a review of print letters, but she needs it. My plan was to have her do it 3x per week, but she asked to do it every day so she can get to the cursive section faster. I have no problem with that. And she knows that I will make her rewrite words/sentences if they’re sloppy.

Spanish – This week marked our return to Spanish with Song School Spanish. We have almost completed the first lesson, and so far Bean is enthused about it. She asks to do Spanish where as before she would groan and drag her heels. Hopefully, this love lasts.

Religion – We did the Lesson 1, which focused on Luke 15:8-10.

Logic – Bean asked to have Logic added in as a regular subject versus a floating one we did when we got the chance, so I plugged it into our schedule on M/W/F. At the moment, she’s doing 4-5 pages per lesson from Mind Benders Book 2.

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