Brownies: Quest and Snacks

Last night was our second session of Quest (here’s the outline), focusing on family. We also completed two steps for the Snacks Badge (1 and 5).

Our meeting went like this:
Opening Circle
Discuss Discovering Family sheets
Play hula hoop / ball games from pgs 60-61 of leader’s guide
Segue into Snacks Badge by talking about families/eating healthily
Step 1: Measuring sugar in snacks
Random science interlude
Step 5: Making fruit smoothies
Fill out 1st Key sheets
Hand out badge packets and cookie recognitions
No Closing Circle because we were 15 minutes over and girls needed to leave

During our Opening Circle, we finally voted on our Troop Crest! Waterfall won out. It only took us half of the school year. We also figured out our Science Museum overnight in March, so I need to send out an email to parents to get a tentative RSVP in to let the museum know. Then I’ll send out forms and collect payments.

questSession 2
The Journey portion of our meeting was fairly short. It consisted of going over our Discovering Family Stars and playing two cooperative games. Four out of six girls brought theirs, and the other two did theirs with their mothers when they arrived tonight. So ultimately, everyone had their Stars. Yay! We went over what the girls and their parents wrote and took a game break.

This time, we played both games from the leader’s guide.  The hula hoop game is better with more people (we had 10 girls/moms instead of 6 girls/moms). It was also a lot less awkward since most everyone figured out the moves to shift the hoop to their neighbor.

After two rounds, we switched to the pass the ball game. That one was definitely awkward! If you don’t have a lot of space, this is not a good game to play. The girls sit one in front of the other with their legs straight out in front of them. There needs to be enough space between butts and toes so the girl in front can roll onto her back to drop the ball onto the legs of the girl behind her (the girl behind needs to keep her legs on the ground). Most of my girls enjoyed it. One ended up sitting out because she kept getting bonked on the forehead with the ball. Another girl was wound up and kept trying to raise her legs/feet to take the ball from the girl in front of her, which caused that girl to get heels in her forehead. We also played two rounds – the first was two rows of three, the second was all of the girls in a row.

When we finished our game break, I talked briefly about healthy eating and how the girls’ parents make sure they eat the foods they need. I didn’t delve too deeply into this because it’s a subject beat to death in the schools. We moved on to the Snack Badge at this point.

At the end of the meeting, the girls filled out the First Key sheet. We didn’t do the chant that is in the book. I am not one for motivational rah-rah’s. (Maybe it’s from all the rah-ing at military school and in the military?) Before our next Quest session (Feb 7th), I want to make a poster of the values/talents the girls listed on their sheets so they have a visual aide when planning their TAP.

gs 006

gs 008

SnacksSnacks Badge
We completed two steps (1 & 5) for this badge. Both were fun, though the girls were particularly enamored of Step 1.

I threw out the book for Step 1 because none of the options felt quite right. Kids get so much about nutrition at school and in some of their tv shows, that I didn’t want to keep preaching about it. So, what I did was have them see how much sugar is in some of the snacks that they like to eat. Each girl brought something in (I brought a few extras) and each girl measured her own item. We ended up with orange soda, candy hearts, fruit gummies, yogurt covered pretzels, peanut butter sandwich crackers, M&M’s, and strawberry Yoplait yogurt.

I went first with the orange soda. I told them the serving size (the entire bottle) from the label and then read how many grams of sugar were in it (72g). I put a small, clear plastic cup on a digital kitchen scale, zeroed it out, and scooped in sugar until the scale read 72 grams. Then I held up both the soda and the cup with sugar in it so the girls could see. They were all amazed at how much sugar was in it.

Going around in a circle, each girl measured her snack. If it was in a package, or if the package was more than one serving, I dumped the snack into one of the cups so it would be easier to visualize just how much the serving size was compared to the amount of sugar in it.  All of the girls, and even some of the moms, were surprised by some of the results. Yoplait had a lot of sugar in it.

gs 003

The second step we worked on was Step 5. The girls made banana/strawberry smoothies. (Ingredients: banana, frozen strawberries, apple juice, honey, and some ice) My one girl who always complains about trying food once again complained, and once again liked what she tried. We only made one batch, so the girls took turns putting ingredients into the blender. One of my moms took charge of smoothie-making so I could clean the sugar off the table in the other room.

Our random science interlude of the evening (between Steps 1 and 5) had the girls foaming at the mouths, quite literally. I spooned a mixture of malic acid (found in apples), baking soda, and powdered sugar into their hands and hand them pop the powder into their mouths at the same time. The effect is akin to a salty Pop Rocks. The facial expressions were priceless. As was the mad dash to the bathroom/drinking fountain to clean out their mouths. A few of them were somewhat miffed at me when I told them that this had nothing to do with a badge and that I done only in the name of fun. It builds character.


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