Weekly Recap 1/20/13

Math – Bean completed Lessons 73-75 in RS B. She also did half of Lesson 76. The lessons have been teaching addition of two two-digit numbers. She was struggling with it until I started writing problems on whiteboard vertically. I always find it easier to solve problems written vertically versus horizontally. Bean seems to be the same way.

Days With Frog and Toad
Stories of Mermaids (Usborne Young Reading)

Current Read Alouds
Babymouse #1: Queen of the World
The Railway Children
Simon’s Dream

ETC – Lessons 3 and 4 completed. Both focused on syllable breakdown in vc/cv combinations.

FLL – Lessons 72-75 completed.

WWE – Week 17 completed. The excerpts were from The Reluctant Dragon, which has now been put on our “to be read aloud” list. I really do like the literature selections in WWE.

History – We did Chapter 18: Life in Early Crete.

Science – Bean did the entirety of Lesson 16: Alligators/Crocodiles, Turtles, Amphibians, and Frogs on Tuesday. I think part of her motivation was that she wanted to watch the Bill Nye the Science Guy episode on amphibians. She adores that show. She also completed all of Lesson 17: Fish (Trout/Salmon), Seahorses, and Sharks. I am glad that she has the science bug!

Spanish – We completed Lesson 2 this week. I love that the songs are so catchy. I find myself humming them at random points during the day. The lessons are simple and seem to be progressing in a manner that is condusive to actually using the language.

Religion – Didn’t get done this week.

Cursive – We’re still reviewing print letters.


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