Daisies 1/24/13 – 3 Cheers Session 2 (Animal Visitor)

Last night was our second 3 Cheers session, and most of it was taken up by a volunteer from the local SPCA talking to the girls about animal safety. The rest of the meeting consisted of going over “Our Pets” poster, finishing up the Making Choices Leaf, and giving ideas for how to keep our pets safe (discussed during one of our rare snack-times).

Here’s a basic outline of our meeting:
Opening Circle
Discuss “Our Pet” poster / caring for ourselves / being caring & considerate
Making Choices Leaf – first part of 60-second jumping jacks
SPCA Visitor
Making Choices Leaf – final part of 60-second jumping jacks
Snacks / pet safety list
Closing Circle
Handed out Birdbath Awards

I opened the meeting up with a review of our pet poster and pet care tips.  (I taped the pictures the girls made onto the poster board out of laziness, but it works in my favor since several of them want the pictures once we’re done with the Journey). I also tied the pet care tips into Daisy care tips and explained that how we care for our pets is similar to how we, and our parents, care for us.

daisies 023

I also talked about how pet care/self-care is being Caring and Considerate.  The next Petal we work on will be the Spring Green Petal, and pet care/safety is ties in perfectly. We’ll do the bulk of the petal work at the meeting we create pet care/safety postcards.

3 cheersThe majority of the second session of our 3 Cheers for Animals! Journey was dedicated to an SPCA visit. Three volunteers from our local SPCA came to our meeting tonight  to talk to the girls about pet safety. One woman talked to the girls and the other two respectively brought in a cat and dog they had adopted from the SPCA. The girls learned about how to keep pets safe, but also how to keep themselves safe around strange/unknown pets.

While the girls ate their snacks, I had them give me some pet safety tips. This is what they came up with:

-give them water when it’s hot outside
-keep track of them
-don’t pull their tails (cats/dogs)
-don’t tease them
-ask permission from the owner before you pet them
-don’t touch unknown pets/animals
-walk, don’t run, away from unknown pets/animals

I will add these to “Our Pets” poster. We’ll use the ideas to help make the pet care/safety postcards that tell others how they can care for their pets.

At the end of the meeting, I handed out the Birdbath Awards to the parents. The girls earned it by learning how to care for pets, how to keep pets safe, and how they did similar things for themselves.

**For future reference, if I have the SPCA come again to talk to the girls, I’ll have each girl bring an item from their wishlist in to donate. It didn’t even occur to me to do this until one of the moms suggested it. Duly noted.

daisies 012 ed

daisies 020 ed

making choicesWe weren’t able to finish the Making Choices Leaf at our last meeting, so I used it to break up the sitting down portions. The girls needed to complete the 60-second jumping jacks portion of Step 2.  This seemed to wear out some of the wiggles, unlike the 15- and 30-second jacks which seemed to rev them up.  So now my 1st grade Daisies have all four leaves. Yes!


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