ES Biology: Lessons 17 & 18

This weekend (1/19-1/20), we did Lesson 17: Fish (Trout/Salmon), Seahorses, & Sharks. Bean was gung-ho about science this week, so this was the second lesson we covered. She liked all three animals, and was especially excited by some of the facts/images presented in the DK Eyewitness video about fish.

We did skip the salmon and trout read-alouds, but we read all of the fish-related pages in Kingfisher.

DK Eyewitness: Fish
The Magic School Bus Swims Upstream (salmon migration)
DK Eyewitness: Sharks
Disney’s Animal World: Whales and Sharks (only watched shark segment)

I didn’t notice the subtitle regarding sea creatures on the Cat In The Hat book until we started reading it. It has some fish in it, but focuses more on the different levels of ocean and the animal life that lives in each level.

What Is It Like to Be a Fish? focuses on pet goldfish.

We only looked at the photographs in Sharks (Underwater World).

wish for a fish fish pfeffer
seahorses curtis sesahorses james
nat geo sharks sharks gibbons sharks


Bean was less than thrilled with part of the subject matter presented in Lesson 18: Worms, Snails, Slugs, and & Octopuses (Octopi?), but also eager to learn other parts. I meant to do snails and slugs on Tuesday to get them over with (the gross part as  far as Bean was concerned), and save worms and octopuses for Friday. However, Bean wanted to learn about octopuses because they seem interesting, and she wanted to learn about worms because DH does worm composting.  Using those two animal as “get your schoolwork done” bribes, we did the entire lesson on Tuesday. Here’s to hoping the books for the next lesson make it here by Friday!

Bill Nye the Science Guy: Invertebrates


are you a snail slug's lifeslugs and snails
octopus spilsbury octopus amazingwiggling worms




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