Weekly Recap 1/27/13

Another round of archery this week. Bean brought home a certificate stating she’s passed the Raccoon level. She missed the next level by 10 points.

On Thursday, I took the girls to see “The Ugly Duckling” at the University of Buffalo. The play was alright if a little heavy on the kiddie pop culture references. Both girls enjoyed it, and ultimately that’s what counts.

I also had to submit my 2nd Quarterly report on Friday. Halfway through the school year!

Math – Lessons 76-79 completed in RS B. The lessons focused on adding two-digit numbers.

Stories of Mermaids (Usborne Young Reading)
Stories of Unicorns (Usborne Young Reading)

Current Read Alouds
The Railway Children

ETC – Lesson 5 was completed in ETC4.

FLL – Lessons 76-80 completed. These lessons focused on abbreviations pertaining to addresses, titles of respect and their abbreviations, and a review of all poems memorized so far. Bean had a little trouble with “Work” and “A Week of Birthdays”.  She’s always had problems with the the latter poem.

WWE – Week 18 completed. Excerpts were from Winnie-the-Pooh.

History – Chapter 19: The Early Greeks was completed. I think I’ll take next week off from SOTW and spend our history time reading versions of both The Iliad and The Odyssey. It might take more than one week, but I think it’s important to give them their own platform versus rolling them into SOTW chapters.

Science – Bean was gung-ho about science again this week, so we did all of Lesson 18: Worms, Snails/Slugs, and Octopuses (though part of this could be attributed to wanted to get snails/slugs over with), and the first part of Lesson 19: Shellfish, Shrimp, Crabs, and Spiders.

Spanish – We did Lesson 3 this week, which covered “How are you?” and several responses. It seems to be sticking decently in Bean’s head given that she can answer my question if I randomly ask her during the day.

Handwriting – Still reviewing print letters. Bean’s handwriting on one of the sheets was just lovely. It’s the most consistently nice writing she’s ever done.

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