Weekly Recap 2/3/13

We had a four day school week this week because it was First Friday. Bean had her First Friday art class at the Albright-Knox and went straight to archery from there. She was gone from 9:30am until after 4pm.

We also didn’t get a lot of reading done. I gave Bean the option to either have a bedtime story or play a round of Forbidden Island. The game won more often than not.

Math – RS B Lesson 80 completed. We spent the rest of the week playing math games. One day, we played several card games from RS, and another we played an addition/subtraction bingo I bought from the Scholastic book club. We only did math three days last week.  We’ll pick up Math Mammoth 1A again next week.

Stories of Magic Ponies (Usborne Young Reading)
The Princess and the Pea (Usborne Young Reading) (in progress)

Current Read AloudThe Railway Children

ETC – Bean completed all of Lesson 6 (very short, only took one day) and most of Lesson 7.

FLL – Lessons 81 and 82 completed. Lesson 81 introduced a new memorization poem, ” Mr. Nobody”.

WWE – Week 19 completed. Excerpts came from The Light Princess by George MacDonald.

History – We took a break from SOTW this  week to read the Iliad.

Science – Lesson 19: Shellfish, Shrimp, Crabs, & Spiders completed.

Spanish – We did most of Chapter 4, which was a review chapter. I ended up copying pages from both the student book an the instructor’s book to make sure we had enough worksheets to last the week. We also played several card games using the cards that came with the bundle.

Handwriting – still plugging away at manuscript review.

Logic – Bean did pages from Thinker Doodles A1.

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