Brownies: Quest and Painting

Last night was our third Quest session. It was admittedly, a little light on Quest. The focus was on the Girl Scout ring of our Circle of Caring. Only four of my Brownies were there tonight, so two will have to make up this step. We also did Step 5 of the Painting Badge, which was our final step to complete. Yay!

Our meeting went like this:
Opening Circle
Intro to Girl Scout Circle of Caring
Painting Badge, Step 5
Make Valentine’s Day cards for our pen pals
No closing circle b/c I was talking to various parents about QSP, which starts this Saturday

During our Opening Circle, I showed the girls their Troop Crest and Painting Badge. I also showed them their fun patches for archery (it only took almost 3 months to get them!) and for the pet store visit.

questFor the Intro to the GS CoC, I focused on how GS is one family even if you’ve never meet everyone who is a GS.  I asked the girls for examples of how we can help our GS family, and they sort of didn’t get where I was trying to lead them. They came up with good examples of helping community, but my hope was to have someone make the connection to Hurricane Sandy relief. Our SU had a pajama party, and the pj’s were sent to a GS connection on Staten Island to be distributed. Our troop put together a care package for girls on Staten Island. And our troop was also buddied up with a troop in Brooklyn – we sent the leader a new Brownie Guide and troop supplies.

I also brought up our GS pen pals. We were pen pals with a troop in OH last year, and with a troop in NC this year. Part of the meeting was going to be making Valentine’s Day cards for our pen pals. (And some day I’ll learn that I really shouldn’t have them make crafts that involve glitter glue because it is a pain to figure out how to put cards/pictures saturated in the stuff in my car without getting it everywhere and/or ruining the artwork.)

PaintingThe other part of our meeting was dedicated to completing our Painting Badge. Coincidentally, it also kind of ties into the GS CoC – the girls painted a mural of what they liked best about GS.

I separated them into two pairs and each pair had to figure out what they wanted to paint. They were given a piece of butcher paper about 3 feet long. We ended up with one camping panel and one aquarium panel. The two girls who missed the meeting will make their own picture to be attached to the panels.

I also had the idea to have each girl do a painting on a normal paper-sized piece of card stock, then punch holes in them to string them up as a banner.  The girls voted on whether to work in teams or individually, and teams won 3:1.

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2 responses to “Brownies: Quest and Painting

  1. What a lovely meeting! Looks like you accomplished so much! How long do your meetings run I’m not certain I could get my girls to do all that in one meeting.

    • Sorry for the delay! I’ve been sick for the past week. My meetings typically run for 75 minutes, from 6:30-7:45pm. If you’re able to split the girls up and rotate them between “stations”, you can get quite a bit accomplished. 🙂 For this meeting, other than talking/reviewing past events, we spent the whole time painting murals. We would not have been able to fit any other activities in.

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