Weekly Recap 2/10/13

I have to make note that this is the first week during the entire school year that we’ve completed every subject when it was supposed to be completed!

Math – We started up with MM1A again. This time the lessons are subtraction-based. Bean completed five lessons.

The Princess and the Pea (Usborne Young Readers)
The Swan Princess (Usborne Young Readers)
Butterflies (All Aboard Reading)
My, Oh My – a Butterfly! (the first six pages)

Current Read AloudThe Railway Children, Tales from the Odyssey, Part 1

ETC – finished Lesson 7, completed all of Lesson 8. I think I might type all of the rules out for Bean to use as a guide once we finish this ETC.

FLL – Lessons 83-85 completed. Bean has managed to memorize the first stanza and part of the second stanza of “Mr. Nobody.” I am continually amazed at how quickly she absorbs this stuff into her heard when pretty much the majority of the process is me reading to her.

WWE – Week 20 completed. Excerpts were from V.M. Hillyer’s A Child’s Geography of the World.

HistoryChapter 20: Greece Gets Civilized Again. This chapter focused on the Greek alphabet, Homer (specifically the Odyssey), and the Olympics. We skipped the section about Homer since next week will be dedicated to reading the Odyssey.

Science – We completed Lesson 20: Insects, Ants, Grasshoppers, & Butterflies. Last lesson on animals!!!! Next week we start a 10-week session focusing on the human body.

Spanish – We completed chapter 5, which focused on terms for family.

Handwriting – finished manuscript letters, started review of manuscript numbers.

Logic – Continued with Thinker Doodles A1.

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