Daisies 2/14/13 – 3 Cheers Session 3

Tonight our meeting was a bit on the light side. I wanted it to be fun, and I didn’t want to get into anything heavy because of Valentine’s Day.

Here’s a basic outline of our meeting:
Opening Circle
Read Birds by Kevin Henkes
Fill out the “If I were a bird…” page from the girls’ journey book (pg 25)
Make bird masks
Dance like birds
Valentine’s Party
Thank you card for the SPCA visitors (done throughout the meeting)
Closing Circle

3 cheersI started the meat of the meeting by reading Birds by Kevin Henkes. It’s a simple book that ties in nicely to the theme of creating one’s own bird. The girls enjoyed it.

Then I handed out copies of the “If I were a bird…” page from the girls’ book. The girls had to write down what color of bird they would be (rainbow, pink, purple…) and where they would fly to (Hawaii, China, New Jersey, home…). Then they drew a picture of their bird. The girls who finished their pictures quickly colored their portion of the thank you card while the others finished.

val 012

Once everyone was done, we headed to our craft room to make our bird masks. I printed out mask templates I found online onto cardstock (note to self – cardstock is NOT thick enough). Several girls helped me pass out the various craft items and they all got to work. Some of those masks were sopping wet with marker and glue by the end of it. I had wanted the girls to dance like birds with their masks, but there was no way that was going to happen.

val 010

The two moms who stayed helped me to cut party streamers into 3-ish foot long pieces for the girls to hold while dancing like birds (another note to self – cut the streamers before the meeting). I put two songs onto my iPad – “I Know A Chicken” by Laurie Berkner, and “Rockin’ Robin”. I don’t know how much of the songs the girls actually heard through their squeals, but the had a grand time regardless.

val 005 ed

Once they were done dancing, we went back to our craft room for our mini-Valentine’s Day party.  Because consuming sugar at school wasn’t enough. And on top of the sugar, my smart self gave the girls the lip-shaped kazoo things. Yep. I bet their parents loved that!

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