3 Cheers for Animals! Outline (Pet-focus)

I am looking forward to doing this Journey. There is so much material in both the leader’s and girls’ guides that you could easily focus exclusively on pets or on wild animals. I think either would be fun. I’m actually kind of sad that I won’t be able to use as many of the ideas as I want to. I’m halfway tempted to create a rough outline for focusing this Journey on wild animals. An afternoon at the zoo could get a decent amount done. An overnight at the zoo would be even more awesome. Oh well! I’ll get another shot at this when Bug is a Daisy!

For Bean’s go-round with this Journey, I chose to focus solely on pets.

Session 1: Intro to Pets / Caring for Pets
Session 2: Keeping Pets Safe
Session 3: Bird Play
Session 4: Telling Others About Animal Care/Safety
Session 5: Animal Communication
Session 6: Last Session

Petals that can be tied into this Journey:
Caring and Considerate (Spring Green)
Courageous and Strong (Red)

Session 1: Intro to Pets / Caring for Pets
*Read Children Make Terrible Pets by Peter Brown
*Talk about pets in general and how we care for them
*Have each girl say one thing you can do to care for a pet (write it down)
*Share pictures of our pets (if a girl doesn’t have one, have her bring a picture of a pet she would like to have)
*Make a mural panel using the pet pictures (add pet care suggestions from above to mural)
*Hand out background patches
**I had wanted to play an animal matching game (pets = something they need, like dog = leash or hamster = hamster ball), but we didn’t have the time.

Session 2: Keeping Pets Safe
*Share pet mural with girls
*Review caring for animals and modify it for caring for Daisies
*Introduce Spring Green Petal – Caring and Considerate
*Introduce SPCA visitor (she’ll take up the bulk of the meeting)
*Have each girl give a tip for pet safety / safety around unknown pets
*Hand out Bird Bath Awards
**The next time I do this Journey, I’ll have the girls each bring in one item from the SPCA’s wishlist to give to the volunteer.

Session 3: Bird Play
*Read Birds by Kevin Henkes
*Girls filled out the “If I were a bird” page from the girls’ journey book (pg 25)
*Made bird masks
*Fly like birds – dance with streamers to “I Know A Chicken” by Laurie Berkner and “Rockin’ Robin”

Session 4: Telling Others About Animal Care/Safety
*Make pet care/safety postcards (to be turned into a booklet)
*Play animal charades
*Tied in Considerate & Caring Petal
*Earned Red Robin Awards

Session 5: Animal Communication
*K-9 officer visit
*Tie in Courageous and Strong Petal
*Read Officer Buckle and Gloria

Session 6: Last Session
*Hand out Tula Awards


7 responses to “3 Cheers for Animals! Outline (Pet-focus)

  1. This is so wonderful! My co-leaders and I have been struggling to write plans for our daisy meetings and journeys. This is so helpful! Thank you!

  2. This is awesome! Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. Love your ideas for this journey. I can’t seem to get the last session to load. I would love to get ideas from that one too

  4. Starting the Journeys with my girls this year. This is such a great help. Only just found your blog and I was wondering if you could tell me what “TAP” is in Session 6. Thanks!!

    • I’m glad the post helps! I won’t have Daisies again until next year, but please feel free to ask any questions you might have. 🙂

      TAP stands for Take Action Project. It is a community service project that has the possibility to be sustainable (like putting new trash bins in the park instead of just picking up litter). At the Daisy level, I would not (and did not) stress about the sustainability aspect of the Journey. I interpreted sustainability to planting the seed of doing good deeds. Focus on a project that the girls will enjoy. See if the have any ideas, but make sure to have option A and B to present to them if they aren’t able to think of anything.

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