SOTW 1: Ch 20 & 22

After taking a week off to focus on the Iliad, we went back to SOTW this week with Chapter 20: Greece Gets Civilized Again. We read the sections about the Greek alphabet and the Olympics. I skipped the section on the Odyssey since we’ll spend next week focusing on it.

Ancient Greece (Schlessinger Ancient Civilizations for Children)

*Ancient Greeks was alright, but if I could do it again, I’d read Ancient Greece (True Books: Ancient Civilizations) instead. I like the True Book series.

ancient olympics greek athleteancient greeks kerr


We skipped Ch 21 (Persia) for the moment. I was planning on taking a week off to focus solely on reading the Odyssey, but changed my mind. We’re still reading it, but I wanted to continue on with SOTW. Because the next chapter dealt with Persia, I decided to pass over it until we’re finished reading the Odyssey (hopefully we’ll be done this weekend). Instead, we did Chapter 22: Sparta and Athens this week.


adv ancient greece spartans


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