ES Biology HB: Lesson 2

Our second week of human anatomy went well. We completed Lesson 2: The Skeletal  System. Bean is definitely showing an interest, though she’s horrible at remembering the names of the various bones. But, then how many people know that information off the tops of their heads?

Eyewitness Skeleton
Human Body for Children: All About Bones and Muscles

*We only read the first half of The Mighty Muscular-Skeletal System this week. We’ll read the rest of it (covering muscles) next week.

musc-skel bursteinmsb missing toothskel inside

Once again, we did things other than just read books and watch videos! I wanted to do the chicken bone in vinegar experiment, but I don’t have any chicken bones laying around, and won’t in the near future. However, we did do several experiments from the Magic School Bus: A Journey into the Human Body science kit. I’ve found these kits to be hit or miss, but we like this one so far.

msb human body kit

We did both experiments that related to joints. The first one had us create a ball and socket joint. Once the joint was made, Bean did silly things with her arms and I tried to copy her movements using our model.

The second one showed us how synovial fluid helps with joint movement. For this second one, I had Bean put vegetable oil on her fingers and rub them together. I explained that the oil fills in all of the little nooks and crannies so the two fingers glide against each other smoothly.

We also added various bones to the human body poster included in the kit. Both Bean and Bug helped to place the bones on the body, while I reviewed the bones’ names and functions.

Pouring the oil into the socket.

Pouring the oil into the socket.

Moving the oiled joint.

Moving the oiled joint.


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