Weekly Recap 2/24/13

Bean had a wonderful time at archery lessons on Friday. She got a bulls-eye, and she scored high enough to move up to the next level (Deer?).

Math – Bean completed the final three lessons for MM1A, chapter 2. We flipped back to RS B on Thursday (no math on Friday), completing Lesson 81. This lesson was a review of even/odd numbers.

Stories of Fairies (Usborne Young Reading)
Magic School Bus and the Missing Tooth

Current Read Alouds
Tales of the Odyssey, Part 1
Tales of the Odyssey, Part 2

ETC – Bean completed Lesson 10 and started Lesson 11.

FLL – Lessons 89-91 completed. Bean is doing great with “Mr. Nobody.” She has the first two stanzas down, an only minimal stumbling with the third. I’m sure it helps that I let her swing from the coat rod in our hall closet. She seems to pay better attention during any lesson while she’s swinging around.

WWE – Week 22 completed. The excerpts were from The Velveteen Rabbit. I think I will have to put it on our “to read” list.

History – We went back to Chapter 21: The Medes and the Persians. I had a stack of books for this chapter that I wanted to return to the library. Bean enjoyed some of the picture books we read.

Science Lesson 2: The Skeletal System completed. We did two experiments focusing on ball and socket joints, and added bones to our human body poster.

Spanish – Lesson 7 completed. Four new words – table, chair, pencil, and book – were introduced. Both Bean and I really liked the song and chant that went with this chapter. Most of the songs in SSS are catchy.

Logic – Bean continued to plug away  at Math Analogies Beginning from the Critical Thinking Company.


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