ES Biology HB: Lesson 3

Today, we did the entirety of Lesson 3: The Muscular System.  I didn’t have a lot of extra reading (all of the reading took us around 15 minutes), and the experiments didn’t take a lot of time either, so I figured why not?

Magic School Bus Flexes Its Muscles

*We read the second half of The Mighty Muscular-Skeletal System.

musc-skel burstein

We did three things in addition to placing several muscle stickers onto the MSB body poster. The first activity involved coloring and cutting out a paper model of a bicep. I taped it to Bean’s arm and had her bend and straighten her elbow to demonstrate how the muscle contracts and relaxes.

muscles 002

muscles 003

The second activity was a failed attempt to do one of the activities from the Magic School Bus science kit. Bean cut out a drawing of a leg, I stuck the two parts together with a brad, and taped two plastic tubes to the back of the thigh and ankle. In theory, when you bend the leg, the smaller of the plastic tubes slides into the other one. In reality, this didn’t happen. Even after a light coat of oil, the tubes still didn’t want to slide. Oh well. MSB kits are hit or miss.

Our final activity was an experiment from ES Biology. I chose three objects for Bean to lift (a board book, a 3lb hand weight, and a 10lb kettlebell). She had to tell me if it was light or heavy and how hard she thought her muscles hat to work to lift the object. Then Bean chose three objects (a basket full of toys, a small wooden chair, and our ottoman), and did the same thing. She wasn’t very successful in lifting the ottoman.


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