Daisies 2/28/13 – 3 Cheers Session 4 / Caring & Considerate Petal

On Thursday we did the 4th session of our 3 Cheers! Journey (Journey outline). It went over well except for the reading section, so I would do that differently next time. I also strongly tied the Considerate and Caring Petal into this session, and had the girls practice it during snack-time.

(And not directly related to the meeting, next Friday, we’re doing our aquarium overnight!! Seven girls and four moms will be going. I’m debating about going to a diner for breakfast the morning after since donuts and juice do not a good breakfast make.)

Basic Meeting Outline:
Opening Circle
Go over Petal Board, discussing the C & C Petal and how it ties into other Petals the girls have earned
Review our Pet Poster
Make Animal Postcards
Read excerpt from girls’ guide (pg 72)
Played an animal charade-type game
Closing Circle

We did have some business to attend to during our Opening Circle. The GS birthday is on March 12th, and our SU will be throwing a birthday party (yours truly is planning it). Each troop is going to put together a “Birthday in a Box” to be donated to Family Services for a children who otherwise would not have a birthday party.

My girls had to vote on which theme they wanted to go with for our box. The Daisies voted last night (Rock Star won), and the Brownies will vote via their parent’s email since they don’t meet until next Thursday. Well move forward once the Brownies have had their say.

Possible "Birthday in a Box" themes.

Possible “Birthday in a Box” themes.


zinni I started with the Considerate & Caring Petal first. I pulled out our Petal Board to show the girls which Petal we would be working on. I tied it into two other Petals we have already earned (Respect Myself & Others and Be Responsible For What I Say and Do) since what they each represent overlaps to some degree.

daisy 002

I asked the girls to give me some examples of Considerate & Caring, and they came up with some good ones – giving your mom hugs and making a card for a sick school bus driver.

With those examples, I brought out our Pet Poster (made in place of the birdbath) to review our lists of pet care and pet safety. I explained how the lists on the poster tie back into the Petal, and also that the ideas on the lists can be translated from pets to people. At this point in the meeting, we focused solely on the Journey.

Skipping ahead to snack-time, we put into practice being Considerate & Caring by using our manners, and sharing our snacks. I had talked to the snack mom before the meeting and she came up with a great way to reinforce the Petal. In the middle of each table she put a  “pond” of blue-colored cream cheese with goldfish crackers in it. Each girl was given “rods” of pretzel sticks to “fish” the fish out. They couldn’t hog the pond and they couldn’t double-dip.

3 cheersThe meat part of the 3 Cheers! Journey centered on making our pet care/safety postcards so we can share tips with others. Like most aspects of Journeys, I decided to modify it slightly. On one side of the cards the girls drew a picture, and the back they wrote the care/safety tip that corresponded to the picture. Instead of mailing the postcard to someone, I am going to make copies of the cards and make little booklets for each girl. I would like to give a copy to the SPCA when we visit in April.

daisies 006

daisies 007

After the girls finished their postcards, I read the story on page 72 of the girls’  guide. It kind of ruined the flow of the meeting actually. The next time around, I will try to find a picture book to use instead.

Our final part of the Journey for that meeting was to play an animal charades game. I enlarged, copied, and printed out the animal matching game from page 78 of the girls’ guide. Taking turns, each girl randomly chose a card from my hand to act out. Some of them were harder than others, but they all got it in the end.

All of us (except for Bean for some reason) were completely stumped by the girl who had to act out a hamster wheel.  My not-normal child knew right away what was going on even though the acting looked nothing like a hamster wheel.

*Technically, their Red Robin patch, but I did not give it to them. I will give them the patch at the next round of patch-giving.


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