SOTW1: Ch 21 & 23

Last week  we backtracked to Chapter 21: The Medes and the Persians. We’re still not done reading the Odyssey, but the books for this chapter need to be returned back to the library soon.

*I don’t know why a book about King Midas was included in a chapter on Persia, but we read it anyway.
*The book on the bottom row is The Red Lion, by Diane Wolkstein.

midas demiking 3 thievespersian cinderellared lion wolkstein


This week, we completed Chapter 23: The Greek Gods and Goddesses. There really wasn’t anything in SOTW beyond a brief paragraph about the gods. I didn’t want to read the myth that was in the book because of the books I already have about Greek myths.

**There are some videos we will watch that relate to this chapter. Unfortunately, we will not have access to them for another 10 days. I will update this post once we have watched them.

I used Aliki’s book as the foundation. I’d read a blurb about a given god(dess), then I would read a corresponding myth in the McCaughrean book.

For example, I read the introduction of how the gods came to exist and the blurbs about Zeus and Hera in Aliki’s book. Then I read “Titans and Olympians” in McCaughrean’s book, which has more detail about the gods’ existence and the relationship of Zeus and Hera.

Or I read the blurb about Hermes in Aliki’s book, then read “Big Baby”, Hermes’ birth story in McCaughrean’s book.

greek gods alikigreek gods mccaughrean

Other books I have, but didn’t use for this chapter:
Orchard Book of Greek Myths
D’Aulieres’ Book of Greek Myths
Greek Myths
Greek Myths


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