Weekly Recap 3/3/13

Bean had her First Friday Art Class this week. She came home and told me the learned about “Andy Warthog”. He’s Andy Warhol’s alternate identity.

Math – RS B Lessons 82, 86, and 87 completed. I skipped Lessons 83 and 84 because they focused on using calculators. I do not want Bean thinking they are an option at this point. I did however, have her do the worksheets from those lessons since they focused on pattern continuation. We also skipped Lesson 85. I do plan to do it next week, it just had too many components to it. The big problem with RS is actually getting it done.

The Magic Porridge Pot (Usborne Young Reading)
Babymouse Queen of the World
Your Body (Usborne Beginners)

Current Read AloudTales from the Odyssey, Part 2

ETC – Bean completed Lessons 11 and 12. She is now officially done with ETC for this school year. We’ll start back up again this Fall with ETC4 1/2 for a review  and then on to ETC7 and ETC8.

FLL – Lessons 92-94 completed. These lessons focused on sentence fragments and different types of sentences.

WWE – Week 23 completed. The excerpt was from How to Eat Fried Worms. Not one Bean has an interest in reading.

History Chapter 23: The Greek Gods mostly completed. There are some videos I want Bean to watch, but it will take a couple of weeks for them to get here.

Science – Bean did Lesson 3: The Muscular System on Tuesday. We did not do any other science lessons this week.

Spanish – Lessons 8 (La casa) and 9 (Who and What) were completed. Bean and I played with the puppets we made during previous lessons to help reinforce who/what. I think it’s going to take some practice before it completely sinks in.

Handwriting – Bean is plugging away at lower case cursive letters. So far so good. Her cursive isn’t too shabby, considering.

Logic – Bean has almost completed Math Analogies Beginning by The Critical Thinking Company.


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