Weekly Recap 3/10/13

No archery lessons this week. However, Bean did do an overnight at the aquarium with her Daisy Troop on Friday night. It was a fun trip.

Math – We only did two lessons this week: 85 and 88. I know that RS is a good program, and Bean really does retain a lot from it, but I have a really hard time doing more than 2-3 lessons per week. Mainly because of the extras involved. It’s not open and go.

Babymouse: Queen of the World
BabyBug magazine (Bean read several issues to Bug)
The Flying Horse: The Story of Pegasus (in progress)

Current Read Aloud
Tales from the Odyssey, Part 2
The Railway Children

FLL – Lessons 95 and 96 completed. These lessons focused on question and exclamation sentences.

WWE – Week 24 completed. Excerpts from The Happy Hollisters. I put the book on our “to read” list.

History – We finished up Chapter 23: The Greek Gods and started Chapter 24: The Wars of the Greeks.

Science – Bean completed Lesson 4: The Nervous System. Unfortunately, we didn’t do any activities or experiments with this chapter.

Spanish – We did Chapter 10, which was a review chapter. We spent the first three days doing pages out of the student book. The fourth day, we did pages from the teacher’s book. We also played with the puppets, asking questions. Bean wants to make a play with her puppets, and because Anne will be visiting soon, I’ll wrangle her into doing it with Bean.

Logic – Bean played Spider Island Riddles 1 on Monday, and did Math Analogies Beginning on Wednesday and Friday. She completed it, so I’ll have to figure out which book we move onto next.


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