Brownies: Quest Session 4 & AF Pride Try-It

Last Thursday we had our 4th Quest session. (Only two more left including the TAP!). I have hit my burnt-out-of-GS-for-the-school-year stage. I am ready for summer break. I am ready for next year when I only have to do this twice a month instead of almost every week. I don’t know how people do this every week, year after year. I’m sure the fact that I alternate Daisies/Brownies each week doesn’t help.  Anywho…

Basic Outline of Our Meeting
Opening Circle
Reviewed Circle of Caring
GS Birthday Party / Birthday in a Box
Make Values Posters
Talk about TAP
Finish Air Force Pride Badge
Fill out 2nd Key form (will give out the badge at our next meeting)
Closing Circle

questOur 4th session was a review of the worksheets we’d filled out previously. My intentions were to use that information to help us figure out in what direction to take our TAP. I also wanted to discuss TAP possibilities.

I did a basic review of our Circle of Caring, this time focusing on My Community. I asked the girls if they could think of examples of how we’ve helped our community (planting a garden at the church, collecting money to send cookies to deployed troops, hygiene kits for veterans…). I also asked if they could think of ways we can, in general, help our community (following the laws, don’t litter, pick up trash…).

This let me segue into our “Birthday in a Box” project for our SU GS Birthday Party (that was tonight). I explained what it is and why we’re doing it. Then the girls voted on which theme they wanted – rock star won.

The bulk of our meeting was taken up by creating posters of the all the answers the girls gave for the “Discovering Me”, “Discovering Values”, and “Family Values”. I broke the girls up into teams of two (I worked with the odd one out), gave each team an 18″ x 24″ piece of poster board, a paper that had all of their answers typed on it, construction paper, glue, scissors, markers, and crayons and had them go at it. One of the girls had a hard time grasping what exactly I wanted them to do and instead spent a lot of her time decorating her team’s poster. The poster looks nice, and it has a decent amount of the info on it, so I’ll call it good and leave it at that.

bday 013

While the girls worked on their posters, I talked about what they wanted to do for their TAP. It had been suggested by the girls at an earlier meeting that they wanted to do something with a soup kitchen.

One of the moms gave me the phone numbers of several people who volunteer at various kitchens in our our area, and the first woman I talked to was incredibly helpful. She gave me several ideas to pass on to the girls (since the girls are too young to interact with/serve the patrons):

*make the centerpieces for their Easter dinner
*prepare goodie bags to give to the patrons
*make the desserts for the Easter dinner
*put together hygiene kits

The girls want to do both the centerpieces and the goodie bags. I think they might have to scale it back to just one of those given the fact that we have three weeks before Easter and can’t use our next meeting for doing the bulk of our TAP.

AF PrideThe final component of our meeting was to complete GS of the Colonial Coast’s Air Force Pride Try-It. I downloaded two versions of the Air Force Song (instrumental and vocal) for the girls to listen to. I also printed out the words to the first verse. We listened/read along with the vocal version, and then tried to sing it ourselves with the instrumental version.

We started the Try-It last Fall with a visit to Niagara Falls AFB. At our meeting that fell near Veteran’s Day, we invited an Air Force Veteran to speak to the girls about his experiences, and we put together hygiene kits and cards that were given to the VA hospital.

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