SU GS Birthday Party

March 12, 1912 is the Girl Scout’s birthday.  This year, I decided to be brave and plan a party for our service unit. I waffled a bit about doing it in part because I had a hard time finding a place to hold it. Our troop’s church is overrun with Boy Scouts on Tuesdays, and the other church generally used troops in our SU has dinners on Tuesday during Lent. Ultimately, we ended up at the volunteer fire hall in my village. It worked out perfectly (even though the ladies auxiliary was there for the first 45 minutes).

We opened up the party with SWAP-making. I had intended to do this later on, but because the ladies auxiliary was there, I wanted to do something that would keep 30 girls relatively quiet. The cadettes did a wonderful job making sure all of the girls got their SWAP materials.

The girls made cupcake SWAPS. I modified it somewhat because I didn’t want to break out the glue guns (so no candles). The girls chose either a pink or white pom-pom for the cupcake and then decorated it with a tiny red pom-pom (for the cherry) and sequins/glitter glue for the decorations. All of them used white candy paper cups for the base since I wasn’t able to find any in fun colors that were small enough. I typed up “Happy 101st Birthday, Girl Scouts! – March 21, 2013 – Our SU” onto slips of paper which the girls glued to the bottom of their cupcake.

I can’t find my sample SWAP, so below is the one Bean made.

cupcake 003

About the time the girls finished up their SWAPs, the ladies auxiliary finished up as well. The fire hall has a huge open space inside that’s perfect for games, so I herded the girls there (my gosh, it’s like herding cats!) for game #1 – a hula hoop relay race.

The girls were divided into three teams. Each team got a hoop that they had to roll to the end of the hall and back again, passing off the hoop to the next girl on their team. The girls had a blast. Pretty much everyone there was laughing the entire time – it’s hard to roll a weighed hoop in a straight line.

After the hoop race was over, the girls played game #2 – partnered balloon dancing. The girls partnered up, put a balloon between their foreheads (holding it there without hands), and danced. The last pair standing won. This game did devolve into a bit of chaos, but again, the girls had a blast.

When the dance was over, we had about 30 minutes left, so it was off to decorate cupcakes. Some of the moms who had stayed for the event helped by handing out plates, cups (for juice), divvying up the frosting (I made cool whip frosting) for each table, and divvying up the decorations.

The final event of the evening was dancing. One of the other leaders knows a DJ, and he provided the music for free. He did a wonderful job.

The patch that won the vote.

The patch that won the vote.


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