Weekly Recap 3/17/13

Math – Bean completed RS B lessons 89 and 90. Lesson 90 took 3 days (adding 4-digit numbers). We’ll go back to MM1A next week.

The Magic School Bus Comes to Its Senses
Webby Saves the Day – Duck Tales (in progress)
Ranger Rick Jr, April 2013 (in progress)

Current Read Aloud
The Railway Children

FLL – Lessons 98-100 completed. And we are finished!! I plan on making some review cards to go over periodically.

WWE – Week 24 completed. Excerpts from Pollyanna.

History – We finished Chapter 25 on Alexander the Great, and started Chapter 26, which is about Early America (specifically the Nasca and Olmecs).

Science – We started Lesson 5: The Senses (first half – sight and hearing).

Spanish – Chapter  11 completed (classroom commands). Bean had fun playing games with the commands.

Logic – Bean played Rush Hour on Monday, Dr. Funster’s Think-A-Minutes A1 on Wednesday, and Mine Shift on Friday.


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