Brownies: Quest Session 5 & TAP

Tonight was our final session of Quest: five circles in the Circle of Caring = five meetings. I wasn’t able to devote the entire meeting towards the World Community Circle because of the nature of our TAP, so we split our time between the two. The Brownies will come to the Daisy meeting next week in order to finish their TAP.

Basic Meeting Outline
Opening Circle
Review Circle of Caring
Basic overview of World Community
Read Wangari’s Trees of Peace: A True Story from Africa
Made Masai collar necklaces
Started TAP
Handout 3rd Key Badges
(No Closing Circle because we ran over)

Glossing over Opening Circle and the Circle of Caring (in this post), the first part of our meeting focused on the fifth and final circle: World Community. I had initially planned an entire meeting around this because of all of the possibilities. It ties in beautifully with World Thinking Day (though the timing was off substantially). It also ties in nicely with any number of the Historically Speaking patches from Patchwork Designs.

Anne is visiting so she read Wangari’s Trees of Peace: A True Story from Africa to the girls. She did a great job combining reading with explanations as to why things were happening. She also explained who Wangari Maathai is and why she is important.

I got the idea to read a story about her, and focus on Kenya because there is a short blurb about her in the girls’ guide on page 43. I thought a picture book would be a better choice, but I’ll lean towards picture books in general to use for Badges, Journeys, and Petals.

After Anne finished the book, the girls painted Masai collar necklaces. This is where I would have liked to have been able to dedicate the entire meeting over to World Community/Kenya, but it wasn’t possible. I got the idea for the necklaces from Super Simple African Art. I had really wanted to have the girls make beaded bracelets from Traditional Crafts from Africa, but that would have taken up a huge chunk of meeting time that I could not give over.

tap 015

Sample necklace on top, the rest are Brownie necklaces.

As the girls finished their necklaces, we started them on the TAP. This is one time that a one-to-one ratio of girls and adults was handy.

Some background on the TAP: the girls wanted to help a soup kitchen, and after talking to one, the girls decided that making the centerpieces for their Easter dinner was the way to go. Unfortunately, this does not leave us a lot of time for getting the centerpieces assembled.  Initially, I wanted to have everyone get together this coming weekend for several hours to do it all in one fell swoop. This didn’t happen because two of the girls will be out of town. So to simplify, I decided to dedicate part of this meeting towards the centerpieces. The girls will come to the Daisy meeting next week in order to finish the baskets (they will be separate from the Daisies, with one of the moms in charge).

Back to tonight…
Tonight, I wanted the girls to make a dent in the eggs and pom-pom critters. Ultimately, each centerpiece will be a  small Easter basket with six glitter eggs and one pom-pom bunny and one pom-pom chick in it. It’s simple, easy to make, and fun to make (who doesn’t love glitter? Unless you’re the one who has to clean up afterward…)

Step one was to make glitter eggs. Each girl made twelve eggs. They used a wide paintbrush to coat the egg with regular white glue, then they dropped the egg into a ziplock baggie filled with glitter. Seal the bag, shake around, make a glitter egg. (I’ll spray a sealant on them this weekend.) The girls loved it.

Glitter Eggs - Round One.

Glitter Eggs – Round One.

Step two was to start making pom-pom bunnies and chicks. Because we were essentially out of time at this point, the girls each made two of one kind of critter. There was no way they were going to go home without having made one.

This step did require adult help because of a glue gun, but white glue won’t cut it. One of the adults put the glue on the pom-pom, and the Brownie stuck on whatever appendage was necessary. The critters have much character.

tap 020

Resist the wonked-out cuteness…

I handed out the 3rd Key Badge tonight at the end of the meeting. I would have preferred to give the girls this Key after they completed the centerpieces, and then give them the Lock Badge after we delivered the centerpieces to the soup kitchen. Unfortunately, this is not going to happen because our Spring Break starts on March 30th (the date of the dinner), and most of my girls will be out of town.


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