Daisies 3/14/13: 3 Cheers K-9 Officer Visit

Tonight was our fifth 3 Cheers! session. And it was a blast! The bulk of the meeting was taken up by one of our local K-9 officers and his partner, Radar. The officer was great with the girls and had no problem tweaking his program a bit to focus on animal communication and being courageous and strong.

3 cheersAfter saying  the GS Promise, I gave the girls a brief summary of what we would be doing, and how it tied into both our Journey (animal communication) and the Red Petal (police officers have to be courageous and strong). Then I read the book Officer Buckle and Gloria. A few of the girls had read it before, but they all enjoyed it.

The officer opened up by introducing himself and Radar (most of the girls have already met him before because he is very active in the community – in a good way), and explaining what their job was. Before he brought Radar in, the officer hid some “drugs” in a box for Radar to find. The girls loved watching him sniff around, though they all jumped a bit when he barked. It was the funniest thing to watch him paw at the box. Radar looked like he was having a blast playing.

pie 019

Look, Dad! I found it!

Interspersed throughout his presentation, the officer talked about he and Radar communicate with each other. Radar uses barks to say when he’s found something. He also paws energetically at objects/people he has found. The officer uses a combination of work ques (in Czech) and body language to both focus Radar on task and to reward him for a job well done.

Playing tug-of-war.

Playing tug-of-war.

tulaAfter focusing on communication, the officer changed tack and talked to the girls about being courageous and strong in his job. He asked them for examples and then used one of his own the girls could relate to – being scared of the dentist, but having the courage to go anyway because you need to in order to stay healthy, and having the courage to do something that scares you takes strength.

He finished earlier than I was expecting so we had 25 minutes of meeting left to fill. Thankfully, one of the moms brought in snacks (which killed 10 minutes). And Anne was there, so she took the rest of the time doing interactive storytelling with the girls (man were they giggling up a storm!).


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