SOTW1: Ch 24 & 25

Chapter 24: Wars of the Greeks. I waited too long to write about this chapter. I cannot remember what we did. I’m sure we read books additional to SOTW, but I’m darned if I know what they were.  I wish we had had the time to do the craft, “Make Athenian Coins” from the SOTW AG.

*Bean read The Flying Horse over the course of the week.

flying horse


Chapter 25: Alexander the Great. We didn’t watch any videos with this chapter, but we did actually manage to sneak in a craft.

I did this chapter a bit differently than the others. On the first day, I read Alexander the Great out-loud to Bean. The second day, we read the entire chapter out of SOTW. The third day, we read You Wouldn’t Want to Be… and did the craft.


alex langley alex army

We did the craft out of the SOTW AG, the Pharos Lighthouse. It was almost a bust (b/c we don’t eat potato chips out of a can), but one of our glasses was approximately the same shape. Bean colored and cut; I folded and taped. Bean also had the idea to add a fire.

bday 002


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