Weekly Recap 3/24/13

This week was a light week. I was out of town Monday and Tuesday and Anne left on Friday. I didn’t want to give up on school completely so I focused on the critical subjects (math, reading, handwriting), and had Bean finish up the history and science lessons we started last week.

Archery also started back up again after a two week hiatus. Bean has only one more class left after this week. I’ll be sad when it’s over since she had such a good time. When they offer it again, I will definitely sign her up.

Math – On Monday and Tuesday, Bean math games with DH:  Rolling in the Money, Pumpkin Patch Math Game, (first two games are from the Scholastic book club) and Pop for Addition and Subtraction. On Wednesday and Thursday, she went over addition/subtraction facts in MM1A.

Binky the Space Cat

Current Read Aloud
The Railway Children (finally finished it!!)

WWE – took a break from it this week.

History – We continued with Chapter 26: The Peoples of the Americas.

Science – We finished up Lesson 5: The Senses.

Spanish – took a break from it this week.

Logic – no logic this week.


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